Washington Park
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The Historic Washington Park Tennis Center (WPTC) is associated with the history of racial segregation in Atlanta. Prior to 1919 Ashby Street functioned as the color-line in the city. The area east of Ashby Street was established as an area for African Americans, and the area west of Ashby Street was designated as an area for whites. In 1919 the General Manager of the Parks Department of Atlanta designated Washington Park as the first recreation park for African Americans.

Prior to 1919 there were no recreational parks in Atlanta available for African Americans. The park started as 6½ acres and expanded to 25 acres when completed in 1928. The park originally included a swimming pool, dance hall, pavilions and tennis courts.

The Washington Park Tennis Center has eight (8) fully lit courts. Today, WPTC offers a wide range of programs for tennis players of all ages and abilities, including youth, adults and senior clinics.

The Washington Park Tennis Center is open 7 days a week and available for USTA and ALTA League match play.


1125 Lena St NW,
Atlanta, GA 30314
(404) 658-6229


Monday – Friday : 9am-2pm (By Appointment Only)
Monday – Friday : 2pm-9pm
Saturday : 9am-6pm
Sunday : 12pm-6pm and (9am-12pm *Call for Reservation)

**Hours may vary depending on season and weather condition